"Reading more like a thriller than a tome on the law, this book provides a valuable, and fascinating, public service."
- Cokie Roberts
Giantkillers: The Team and the Law That Help Whistle-blowers Recover American's Stolen Billions

Giantkillers provides a unique, inside look at the world of corporate whistle-blowers and the pain and rewards that result from whistle-blowers' efforts to stop fraud against the government.

In a narrative style, the book weaves together the story of seven whistle-blowers with a Civil War-era whistle-blower law known as the False Claims Act. It reveals behind-the-scenes maneuvering in the halls of Congress and outside courtrooms to help whistle-blowers, their attorneys and the federal government pursue corporate fraud.

For anyone who is considering blowing the whistle on corporate wrongdoing or has wondered how others find the guts to do so, Giantkillers is essential reading.